Basic Greek Phrases in Aged Care

We’ve put together a list of words and phrases that will be useful to you in your aged care work.

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You can also download a file of all the basic Greek phrases for aged care (ZIP, 2mb).

Good morning Kalimera
Good evening Kalispera
Hello Yia sou (addressing one person)

Yia sas (addressing two or more people)
Good bye Yia sou (addressing one person)

Yia sas (addressing two or more people)
How are you? Ti kanis? (addressing one person)

Ti kanete? (addressing two or more people)
Good Kala
Not Good Ohi kala
I am well Ime kala
I am not well Then ime kala
Yes Ne
No Ohi
Thank you Efharisto
Please Parakalo
My name is Me lene
What is your name? Pos se lene?
Today Simera
Tomorrow Avrio
Yesterday Hthes
Cold Krio
Are you cold? Krionis?
Hot Zesto
Are you hot? Zestenese?
Pain Ponos
Do you have pain? Ehis ponous?
Where do you have pain? Pou ehis ponous?
Show me Thixe mou
Are you tired? Kourastikes
Are you wet? Ise vregmenos? (to a male)

Ise vregmeni? (to a female)
Bath Banio
Shower Douz
Toilet Toualetta; meros
Medication Farmaka
Tablets Hapia
Injection Enesi
Hospital Nosokomio
Doctor Yiatros
Nurse Nosokomo (female)

Nosokomos (male)
Water Nero
Food Fayito
Are you hungry? Pinas?
Walk Perpatima
Letís go together Pame mazi
Come/Come along Ela (addressing one person)

Elate (addressing two or more people)
Your son O yios sou
Your daughter I kori sou
Your grandchild To egoni sou
Your grandchildren Ta egonia sou
Telephone Tilefono
In Mesa
Out Exo
Here Etho
There Eki
Close Konda
Far Makria
Now Tora
Later Meta
Before Prin
Do you want a shower? Thelis douz?
Do you want a drink? Thelis na pyis?
Do you want a blanket? Thelis kouverta?
Do you want to go the toilet? Thelis na pas stin toualeta?
Do you want to go to the TV Room/lounge room? Thelis na pas sto saloni?
Do you want to lie down? Thelis na ksaplosis?
Do you want to wash your hair? Thelis na plinis ta mallia sou?
Please stand up Parakalo siko pano
Please sit down Parakalo katse