Saints Days / Greek Names

For Greeks, name days are much anticipated annual events. More significant than birthdays, they are celebrated on the particular saint’s day with gifts, sweets and parties. Traditionally, people celebrating their name day wait for guests to visit them at home. Even if a party isn’t held,  the person celebrating their name day offers sweets or drinks to family members, friends and work colleagues. It is customary to accept these and wish the person Hronia Polla (meaning ‘many happy years’).

As name days are so significant in Greek culture it is well worthwhile finding out your client’s name day. Mark it in your diary so you can wish them Hronia Polla. To find out how to say this see The Greek Alphabet. Your client will greatly appreciate your effort to celebrate their special day. You will find the most common Greek Christian names and the date of their name day below.

Calendar of Saints Days

Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant
1 Dec Areti Areti, Arete, Aretousa
1 Dec Theoklitos Theoklitos, Theokletos Theo
1 Dec Naoum Naoum, Naoumis Naouma, Naomi
1 Dec Filaretos Filaretos, Filaretios Filareti, Filarete
2 Dec Meropi Meropi, Myropi, Merope
2 Dec Solomon Solomon, Solomontas, Solon, Solonas
3 Dec Glykerios Glykerios, Glykeros
4 Dec Varvara Varvara, Varvaroula Barbara
4 Dec Serafim Serafim Serafimia, Serafima, Serafimoula
5 Dec Diogenis Diogenis, Diogenes
5 Dec Savvas Savvas, Savvoulis Savvoula, Savoula
6 Dec Nikolaos Nikolaos, Nikolas, Nikos, Nikolakis Nicholas, Nick Nikoletta, Nikolina, Nikolouda, Nikolitsa Nicolette, Nicole, Niki
7 Dec Amvrosios Amvrosis, Ambrosios Amvrosia, Ambrosia
8 Dec Patapios Patapios
9 Dec Anna Anna, Annoula, Annita, Anita, Aneta, Anneta, Anneta Anna, Annette, Anita
12 Dec Spyridon Spyridon, Spyridonas, Spiridon, Spiros, Spirakos Spyridoula, Spiroula
13 Dec Aris Aris, Ares
13 Dec Efstratios Efstratios, Eftratis, Stratis Efstratia, Efstratoula, Stratoula Effie
14 Dec Aaron Aaron
14 Dec Arrianos Arrianos, Arianos Arriani
14 Dec Danai Danai, Danae Danae, Diane
14 Dec Davis David David
14 Dec Devora Devora, Dobora Debra, Deborah, Debbie
14 Dec Esthir Esthir
14 Dec Isaak Isaak, Isaac
14 Dec Lefkios Lefkios, Lefkis, Lefkos Lefkoula, Lefkada
14 Dec Noe Noe Noah
14 Dec Rahil Rahil, Rachel, Rahel Rachel
14 Dec Sara Sara, Sarra Sarah
15 Dec Eleftherios Eleftherios, Leftheris, Lefteris Terry Eleftheria, Leftheria, Ria Terri, Ellie
15 Dec Anthimos Anthi, Anthoula, Anthia, Anthea
15 Dec Sossana Sossana, Sosana Sue, Suzie
16 Dec Modestos Modestos
17 Dec Dionysios Dionysios, Dionysis, Nysis, Nionios Dennis Dionysia, Dionisia, Dionysoula Denise
17 Dec Daniel Daniel, Danielos Daniel Daniela, Daniella Danielle, Daniella
17 Dec Revekka Revekka Rebecca
17 Dec Iakhos Iakhos
19 Dec Aglaia Aglaia
22 Dec Zoilos Zoilos Julian Zoila Julie
22 Dec Natasa Natasa, Natassa, Tasia, Sia Natasha
24 Dec Evgenia Evgenia, Eugenia, Evgenitsa Eugenia, Jenny
25 Dec Hristos Hristos, Christos, Christianos Chris, Christian Christina, Kristina, Hristina, Krista, Chrysa, Chryssa, Chrysavfi, Chrysoula, Chrisoula, Hrisoula, Chrystalla, Krystalla, Chrystallia Christine, Chrissa, Kriss
25 Dec Emmanouil Emmanouil, Emmanouel, Molis, Manolios, Manos, Manousakis Emmanuel Emmanouela, Manouela, Manolia, Emma Emmanouela, Emma
27 Dec Stefanos Stefanos, Stephanos, Stefos Steven Stefania, Stefani, Stefi Stefanie
28 Dec Domna Domna
28 Dec Mygdonios Mygdonios, Mydonis Mygdonia
30 Dec Anysios Anysios Anysia
30 Dec Fileteros Fileteros, Fileterios, Fileteris Fileteria, Fileteri
30 Dec Melani Melani, Melania, Melany Melanie
Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant