Saints Days / Greek Names

For Greeks, name days are much anticipated annual events. More significant than birthdays, they are celebrated on the particular saint’s day with gifts, sweets and parties. Traditionally, people celebrating their name day wait for guests to visit them at home. Even if a party isn’t held,  the person celebrating their name day offers sweets or drinks to family members, friends and work colleagues. It is customary to accept these and wish the person Hronia Polla (meaning ‘many happy years’).

As name days are so significant in Greek culture it is well worthwhile finding out your client’s name day. Mark it in your diary so you can wish them Hronia Polla. To find out how to say this see The Greek Alphabet. Your client will greatly appreciate your effort to celebrate their special day. You will find the most common Greek Christian names and the date of their name day below.

Calendar of Saints Days

Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant
1 Sep Adamantios Adamantios Adam Adamantia, Diamanto, Amanda Amanda
1 Sep Athina Athina, Athinoula Athena
1 Sep Akrivi Akrivi, Akrivoula
1 Sep Antigoni Antigoni Antigone
1 Sep Aspasia Aspasia, Aspasoula
1 Sep Afroditi Afroditi, Afrodite Afrodite
1 Sep Dioni Dioni, Dione
1 Sep Dodoni Dodoni, Dodone
1 Sep Elpiniki Elpiniki, Elpinike
1 Sep Erasmia Erasmia
1 Sep Erato Erato
1 Sep Efterpi Efterpi, Efterpe
1 Sep Thalia Thalia
1 Sep Theano Theano
1 Sep Theonymfi Theanymfi, Theonymphe
1 Sep Iesous Iesous Jesus
1 Sep Ismini Ismini, Ismine Jasmin
1 Sep Kalliroi Kalliroi, Kalliroe Kelly
1 Sep Kallisti Kallisti, Kalliste
1 Sep Kleo Kleo Cleo
1 Sep Kleoniki Kleoniki Cleo
1 Sep Kleopatra Kleopatra Cleopatra
1 Sep Koralia Koralia
1 Sep Manto Manto
1 Sep Margarita Margarita Margaret
1 Sep Marianthi Marianthi, Marianthe
1 Sep Melpomeni Melopmeni, Melpomene
1 Sep Mosho Mosho
1 Sep Ourania Ourania
1 Sep Pandora Pandora
1 Sep Pinelope Pinelope, Penelope Penelope
1 Sep Polymnia Polymnia
1 Sep Polyniki Polyniki
1 Sep Polytimi Polytimi
1 Sep Sapfo Sapfo Sappho
1 Sep Terpsihori Terpsihori
1 Sep Haido Haido
1 Sep Hariklia Hariklia
2 Sep Mamas Mamantas, Mamas, Mama
3 Sep Anthimos Anthimos
3 Sep Aristea Aristion, Aristionas, Aristeas Harry Aristea, Aristi
3 Sep Arhontion Arhontion, Arhontionas Arhontia, Arhonti, Arhontoula, Arhontissa
3 Sep Polydoros Polydoros, Polys, Polis
3 Sep Foivos Phoibos, Foibos, Fivos Phoibi, Foibi, Phoebe
4 Sep Ermione Ermione, Ermioni, Ermina
4 Sep Moysis Moysis, Moisis, Moises
4 Sep Okeanos Okeanos, Okeanios, Okeanis Okeania, Okeani
5 Sep Zaharias Zaharias, Zaharis Zachariah Zaharoula, Zaharo, Zaharenia, Zaharitsa Jackie
6 Sep Vivos Vivos Vivi
6 Sep Evdoxios Evdoxios, Evdoxis, Doxis
7 Sep Kassiani Kassiani, Kassi, Kassia, Kasia Kass, Kassi, Cassie
7 Sep Sozon Sozon, Sozos
9 Sep Ioakim Iokim, Makis
10 Sep Erasti Erastos Erasti
10 Sep Klimis Klimis, Klemes
10 Sep Minodora Minodora, Menodora
10 Sep Nymfodora Nymfodora
11 Sep Evanthia Evanthia, Eva Eva
13 Sep Arisitidis Aristidis, Aristeides, Aris, Ares
13 Sep Kornilios Kornilios, Kornelios, Kornilos, Kornilis Cornelius Kornelia, Kornila
14 Sep Stavros Stavros, Stavris, Stavrakis, Steve Stavroula, Stavriani
14 Sep Theoklis Theoklis, Theokleas, Theoklia
15 Sep Vissarion Vissarion, Vissarionas
15 Sep Nikitas Nikitas Nick
16 Sep Evfimia Evfimia, Evfimi, Evfimoula Effie
16 Sep Melitini Melitini, Melina, Melita, Meliti
17 Sep Agathoklis Agathoklis, Agathokleas Agathoklia
17 Sep Agapi Agapi
17 Sep Elpida Elpida Hope
17 Sep Pantoleon Panteleon, Panteleontas
17 Sep Pileas Pileas, Pileus
17 Sep Pisti Pisti, Piste
17 Sep Sofia Sofianos Sofia, Sophia, Sofiani, Sofoula, Sofitsa Sophie, Sophia
18 Sep Ariadni Ariadni, Ariadne, Ariana Ariadne
18 Sep Pomylos Romylos, Romylios, Romylis Romylia, Romyla
19 Sep Savvatios Savvatios, Savvatos, Savvatis Savvatia, Savvatina, Savvati, Savvato
20 Sep Efstathios Efstathios, Stathis, Stathakos Efstathia, Stathia, Efstathoula, Stathoula Stacey
20 Sep Theopisti Theopisti, Theopiste
21 Sep Ioanas Ioanas, Ion
22 Sep Zografia Zografia
22 Sep Fokas Fokas, Fokios, Fokis Fokia, Fokina
23 Sep Xanthippi Xanthippos Xanthippi, Xanthi, Xanthoula Anthea
23 Sep Polixeni Polixeni, Polyxeni, Xeni, Xenia Jenny
23 Sep Rais Rais
24 Sep Thekla Thekla
24 Sep Kopros Kopros, Kopris
24 Sep Myrsini Myrsini, Myrso, Mersa, Amerisoula, Amerssa
24 Sep Myrto Myrto, Myrta, Myrtoula
24 Sep Persefoni Persefoni Persphone
24 Sep Persis Persis
25 Sep Efrosyni Efrosyni, Frosyni, Froso, Frosoula
27 Sep Akylini Akylini, Akylina, Akyleni
27 Sep Epiharis Epiharis Epiharia
27 Sep Zinon Zinon
27 Sep Kallistratos Kallistratos, Kallistratis
28 Sep Hariton Hariton, Haritonas, Haritos
29 Sep Kyriakos Kyriakos, Kyriakoulis, Koulis
30 Sep Stratonikos Stratonikos, Stratonikis, Stratos, Stratis
Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant