Saints Days / Greek Names

For Greeks, name days are much anticipated annual events. More significant than birthdays, they are celebrated on the particular saint’s day with gifts, sweets and parties. Traditionally, people celebrating their name day wait for guests to visit them at home. Even if a party isn’t held,  the person celebrating their name day offers sweets or drinks to family members, friends and work colleagues. It is customary to accept these and wish the person Hronia Polla (meaning ‘many happy years’).

As name days are so significant in Greek culture it is well worthwhile finding out your client’s name day. Mark it in your diary so you can wish them Hronia Polla. To find out how to say this see The Greek Alphabet. Your client will greatly appreciate your effort to celebrate their special day. You will find the most common Greek Christian names and the date of their name day below.

Calendar of Saints Days

Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant
3 Apr Illyrios Illyrios, Lyros Illyria, Lyra
5 Apr Argyro Argyro, Argyri, Argyroula
6 Apr Eftyhios Eftyhios, Eftyhis Eftyhia, Eftyhoula, Efi Effie, Efi
9 Apr Efpsyhios Efpsyhios, Efpsyhos, Efpsyhis Efpsyia, Efpsyhoula Effie, Efi
10 Apr Demosthenes Demosthenes, Demosthenis, Demos Demos
10 Apr Epaminondas Epaminondas, Nondas
10 Apr Zenon Zenon, Zinon Zeno
10 Apr Irakles Irakles, Iraklis Hercules
10 Apr Themistokles Themistokles, Themis
10 Apr Theseas Theseas, Theseus
10 Apr Isokrates Isokrates, Isokratis
10 Apr Miltiades Miltiades, Miltiadis, Miltos
10 Apr Omeros Omeros, Omiros Homer
10 Apr Perikles Perikles, Pericles Pericles, Perri
10 Apr Pindaros Pindaros Pindar
10 Apr Promethus Prometheus, Prometheas
10 Apr Sophocles Sophocles
10 Apr Sokrates Socrates
10 Apr Phokion Phokion
11 Apr Antypas Antypas, Antipas
14 Apr Thomais Thomai, Thomaida
15 Apr Leonidas Leonidas, Leonida, Leonidis Leo
16 Apr Irene Irene, Eirene, Irena, Rena Irene
16 Apr Galini Galinos Galini Gail
16 Apr Kallis Kalli, Kallida, Kallia Kali, Kelly
16 Apr Niki Niki Niki, Nicole
16 Apr Hronia Hionia, Hionoula, Hionati
20 Apr Zakhaios Zekhaios, Zakhos, Zahos Zach
21 Apr Alexandra Alexandra, Aleka Alex, Sandra
22 Apr Nathanael Nathanael, Nathanis Nathanuel, Nathan Nathanaela, Nathanilia
22 Apr Nearhos Nearhos, Niarhos
23 Apr Georgios Georgios, Yiorgos, Yiorgis George Georgia Georgia
24 Apr Ahilleas Ahilleas, Achilleas, Achilleus Achilles
24 Apr Doukas Doukas Doukissa, Doukitsa
24 Apr Elisavet Elisabeth, Eliza, Liza, Lizeta, Zeta, Veta Elizabeth, Liz, Beth
25 Apr Markos Markos, Markis Mark
26 Apr Glafyra Glafyra, Glafyri, Glafyroula
29 Apr Iason Iason, Oasonas Jason
29 Apr Kerkyra Kerkyra Kerri, Kerry
30 Apr Iakovos Iakovos, Iakovas Jacob Iakovina, Zekelina Jacqueline, Jackie
Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant