Saints Days / Greek Names

For Greeks, name days are much anticipated annual events. More significant than birthdays, they are celebrated on the particular saint’s day with gifts, sweets and parties. Traditionally, people celebrating their name day wait for guests to visit them at home. Even if a party isn’t held,  the person celebrating their name day offers sweets or drinks to family members, friends and work colleagues. It is customary to accept these and wish the person Hronia Polla (meaning ‘many happy years’).

As name days are so significant in Greek culture it is well worthwhile finding out your client’s name day. Mark it in your diary so you can wish them Hronia Polla. To find out how to say this see The Greek Alphabet. Your client will greatly appreciate your effort to celebrate their special day. You will find the most common Greek Christian names and the date of their name day below.

Calendar of Saints Days

Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant
1 Jan Vasilios Vasilios, Vasilis Basil, Bill Vasiliki, Vaso, Vivi, Vasia Vickiy, Vicki, Vivian
1 Jan Tilemahos Tilemahos Tim
2 Jan Silvestros Silvestros Silvester Silvestra Silvia, Sylvia
3 Jan Genovefa Genovefa, Geneviefi Genevieve
5 Jan Theoni Theoni
6 Jan Theofania Theofanois, Fanis, Fotis, Fotios, Fotinos Fani, Fanoula, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula Thea, Fay
7 Jan Synaksi Ioannou Ioannis, Yiannis, Giannis, Prodromos John, Yanni Ioanna, Yianna, Yiannoula, Ivana, Vana Jaonna, Jo, Yana, Yvonne, Vana
8 Jan Dominiskis Dominiki, Domnika Donna, Niki, Nicky
8 Jan Kelsios Kelsios Kelsia, Kelsi, Kelsia, Elsi, Elsa Chelsea
11 Jan Theodosios Theodosios, Theodosis Theo
12 Jan Mertios Mertios, Mertos, Mertis, Myrtos Mertia, Merta, Myrtoula
12 Jan Tatian Tatiani, Tatiana, Tatia, Tania Tania
13 Jan Ermyllos Ermyllos Ermylli, Ermylla
14 Jan Agni Agni, Agnoula Agnes
17 Jan Antonios Antonios, Antonis Anthony, Tony Antonia, Antonoula Antonia, Antoinette, Tonia, Toni
17 Jan Gennadios Gannadios
18 Jan Athanasios Athanasios, Thanassis, Thanos, Sakis Arthur Athanasia, Nasia, Soula Nancy
18 Jan Kyrillos Kyrillos Kyrillia, Kyrilli
18 Jan Theodoulos Theodoulos, Theodoulis Theo Theodoula, Thedoulia Thea,
19 Jan Makarios Makarios, Makaris Max, Maki Makaria, Makaro, Makaritsa, Makaroula
20 Jan Efthimios Efthimios, Efthimis, Thimios, Themis Tim Efthimia, Efthimoula Effie
21 Jan Eugenios Eugenios, Eugenis Eugene
21 Jan Maximos Maximos Max
21 Jan Neophytos Neophytos Neophytia, Neophyti
21 Jan Patroklos Patroklos, Patroklios, Patroklis Patrick, Pat Patroklia, Patra, Patroula Patricia, Pat
21 Jan Valerios Valerios, Valeris, Valios Valeria, Valeriana, Valia Valerie
22 Jan Timotheos Timotheos, Timos, Timis Timothy, Tim Timothea, Timothei, Thea, Thea
23 Jan Agathangelos Agathangelos Angelo(s) Agathangela, Agathangeli Agatha, Angela
24 Jan Xeni Xenos Xeni, Xenia Jenny
24 Jan Filonas Filonas, Filon Phil
25 Jan Gregorios, Theologos Gregorios, Gregoris Gregory, Greg
26 Jan Xenophon Xenophon, Xenophontas Fontas Xenophontia, Xenia, Xenophontina, Xenophoula
28 Jan palladios Palladios, Palladis
28 Jan Haris Haris
30 Jan Trion Ierarhon
31 Jan Evdoxia Evdoxia, Evdoxoula, Doxa, Doxoula
Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant