Saints Days / Greek Names

For Greeks, name days are much anticipated annual events. More significant than birthdays, they are celebrated on the particular saint’s day with gifts, sweets and parties. Traditionally, people celebrating their name day wait for guests to visit them at home. Even if a party isn’t held,  the person celebrating their name day offers sweets or drinks to family members, friends and work colleagues. It is customary to accept these and wish the person Hronia Polla (meaning ‘many happy years’).

As name days are so significant in Greek culture it is well worthwhile finding out your client’s name day. Mark it in your diary so you can wish them Hronia Polla. To find out how to say this see The Greek Alphabet. Your client will greatly appreciate your effort to celebrate their special day. You will find the most common Greek Christian names and the date of their name day below.

Calendar of Saints Days

Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant
1 Oct Ananias Ananias, Ninos
1 Oct Thiresia Thiresia, Sia
1 Oct Romanos Romanos Romana, Romani
2 Oct Iousta Iousta, Yiousta
2 Oct Ioustini Justin Ioustini, Ioustina, Yioustini, Yioustina
2 Oct Kyprianos Kyprianos
4 Oct Verina Verina, Verini, Vera, Beroula
4 Oct Ierotheos Ierotheos Ierothea
4 Oct Kallisthenis Kallisthenis, Kallistheni
5 Oct Haritini Haritini, Haritina, Tina, Hara Tina
7 Oct Vakhos Vakhos Vakhi, Vakhia
7 Oct Polyhronis Polyhronis, Polyfronios, Hronis Polyhronia, Polyhronoula
7 Oct Sergios Sergios, Seryios Sergia, Seryiani
8 Oct Pelagia Pelagios, Pelayios, Pelayis Pelagia, Pelayia
9 Oct Lot Lot
10 Oct Evlambios Evlambios, Evlambis, Lambis
12 Oct Andrmahi Andromachos, Mahos, Andromachos Andromachi, Mahi, Andrmahoula Andromache
13 Oct Agathoniki Agathoniki
13 Oct Karpos Karpos
13 Oct Florentios Florentios, Florentis, Florentos Florentia, Floenta, Florena Florence
13 Oct Hrysi Hrysi, Chryssi Chryssi
14 Oct Gervasios Gervasios Gervasia
14 Oct Nazarios Nezarios
14 Oct Ignatios Ignatios
15 Oct Loukianos Loukianos Luke Loukiani Lucy
17 Oct Efprepios Efprepios, Efprepis Efprepia
18 Oct Loukas Loukas Luke Loukiani Lucy
19 Oct Filix Filix, Filex, Felix
20 Oct Artemios Artemios Artemis, Artemia, Artemisia Artemis
20 Oct Gerasimos Gerasimos, Makis, Mikes, Mikis
20 Oct Enoi Enoi, Enoe
21 Oct Efkratis Efkratis, Efkratos Efkratia, Efkratoula Efkrasia
23 Oct Iakovos Iakovos Jacob
24 Oct Sevastiani Sevastiani, Sebastina, Sevasti, Sevi, Sevoula, Sevastoula
25 Oct Chrysanthi Chrysanthi, Chrisanthi Chriss
25 Oct Chrysafis Chrysafis, Chrysafios Chrysafenia
26 Oct Dimitrios Dimitrios, Dimitris, Dimitri, Demetrios, Demos Jim Dimitra, Demetra, Dimitroula, Mimi, Mimika Demi
26 Oct Glycon Glycon, Glykos
27 Oct Nestor Nestor, Nestoras Nestoria
28 Oct Vili Vili, Vilia
28 Oct Evniki Evniki, Evnika
29 Oct Avraam Avraam Abraham
30 Oct Zinovios Zinovios, Zenovios, Zenos, Zinos Zinovia, Zenovia, Zena
30 Oct Kleopas Kleopas, Kleopios
30 Oct Kronion Kronion, Kronos, Kronionas, Kronios
30 Oct Tertios Tertios, Tertos, Tertis Tertia, Tertina
31 Oct Amblia Amblia
31 Oct Apellis Apellis
31 Oct Aristovoulos Aristovoulos
31 Oct Narkissos Narkissos Narcissus
31 Oct Stratoniki Stratoniki, Miki
Date Greek Name Male names English variant Female names English variant