About Greek Care

This website aims to help you  engage more effectively with your Greek-speaking clients. It will show you and your service how to provide culturally appropriate care, which is crucial for client health and wellbeing. Developing a cultural awareness and building appropriate strategies into your service will be satisfying for you and an effective basis for building a respectful, caring relationship with your client.

Whether your client is in a residential facility, receiving services at home, or going through a specific referral or assessment process or procedure, this website will be a useful resource for advice and information. It is especially focused on working with elders who have limited English language.

Practical Advice and Information

Greek Care provides practical advice and information on how to work with Greek elders — communication strategies, activities, religious information, information about beliefs and values that impact on service delivery — as well as background information about Greek history, geography and tradition. There are many hints on how to enhance the practitioner-client relationship. Often they are quite simple strategies that will nevertheless engage your client and elicit satisfaction on their part.

Taking the time to learn a little about your client’s background; learning a few words of Greek or how to make a Greek dish; being aware of religious occasions; knowing how to plan culturally meaningful activities or facilitate cultural appropriate professional interventions can all help to build trust. This approach to care will send a strong message to your elderly client that they and their cultural background are valued.

You will find the Directory of Greek Services especially helpful. Greek-speaking doctors, allied health professionals, community organisations, parishes and a variety of useful services are all listed. Your Questions may be a first port of call if you have a specific query.

About Fronditha

This web site has been developed by Fronditha Care Inc. through funds provided by the Federal Government Department of Health & Ageing.

Fronditha Care is a charitable community-based organisation providing services to Greek-speaking elders in Victoria. 

Fronditha was established in 1976. It receives broad support from the Greek community in Melbourne and Victoria. To date it is the only organisation that provides a range of residential and community home-based services to older Greek-Australians.

Fronditha believes that maintaining cultural identity is critical to the well-being of all people. It also believes that as people age, their languages and cultures of origin take on increasing significance. Services should reflect the importance of culture in clients’ lives.

Services provided by Fronditha aim to ensure that Greek-speaking elders are able to live in a residential facility or remain at home supported by an agency that shares their language, history, religious values, attitudes, ritual celebrations, music and food — in essence, all the elements that have played a central role in their lives.

Services Provided by Fronditha

Fronditha provides residential and home-based care in a various locations in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

  • Information and Referral:
    Provided through Fronditha’s head office in Clayton South, phone 9552 4111,  or visit www.fronditha.org.
  • Community Care Packages:
    Available across the metropolitan area, providing personal care, home care and social support to frail elderly poeple in their own homes.
  • Home Visitation Service:
    A component of the Volunteer Program operated by Fronditha, this service is available to isolated elders who need social support at home.
  • Planned Activity Groups:
    Meet on a regular basis to provide social activities for elders living at home. They operate on Tuesday and Wednesday in Clayton, Thursday in Box Hill, and Monday and Friday in Knox.
  • Private Community Care Services:
    Greek-speaking personal care and case management workers can be contracted through Fronditha to mainstream aged care services should Greek-speaking clients in those services need them.
  • Social Housing:
    Forty Independant Living Units for socially and financially disadvantaged elders.  A joint venture between Fronditha Care and Office Of Housing.

Residential Services:
Around 250 aged care residential beds are provided by Fronditha across Melbourne, including dementia-specific residential services.

Fronditha Residential Care Services

  • Clayton Residential Aged Care:
    102 residential care beds at Steyi, Pronia and Galini.
  • St Albans Residential Aged Care:
    60 residential care beds at Thalpori.
  • Thornbury Residential Aged Care:
    30 residential care beds at Anesi.
  • Templestowe Residential Aged Care:
    60 residential care beds at Storgi.